Event Retrospective (Template)

This is just a sample. Feel free to copy it and edit it as you please.

Event Title: Celebrating Women in Design

Hosted on [Date] by [Obvious SPOC] at Obvious

No. of Attendees: 35

Speakers: ABC & XYZ

What went well?

  • Very good turnout of attendees - a full house.

  • Everything was set up in advance and we weren’t left fumbling

  • Audience interactions were great - they felt engaged and were willing to speak out and contribute. But it could’ve been better

What didn’t go so well?

  • The format we chose wasn’t right for the topic - it should’ve been a lot more interactive

  • The topics weren’t catered well enough to the target audience. For example, most of our attendees were young women who were new to design. Their questions were more about “How can I negotiate a raise?” or “How do I get a senior male designer to mentor me?”. Our topics were generic and not actionable enough.

  • We did not have the presentations of our speakers with us one day before. It would have been better to keep it ready so we can retain the flow.

  • We were also meeting our speakers for the first time, so we could not introduce them properly.

  • We could not meet all the attendees and hence we cannot keep track of all attendees.

  • We should have reserved time for QA.

  • We could have started with some networking first (like an ice breaker) and then had the talks.

  • The timing could have been better - maybe 4PM- 6PM.

What next?

  • How can we keep the network of people we met during the event engaged with Obvious in the long term?

  • Collect information on target audiences before hand and understand what format and topic would work for them or vice versa.

    • Mailchimp! We should have a newsletter and collect people’s email IDs at the very least.

    • Have a little printed booklet with more information about us (maybe bits of our playbook?)

    • Allow people to drop off their business cards in a central location, and have Joyce enter those details into a database.

    • Have a forum to announce our upcoming events

  • How do we ensure that people walk away with an actionable list of things to do within their own lives?