Community and Events at Obvious

The why, what and how of community events at Obvious.

At Obvious, we’ve benefited from being part of a larger, inclusive community. Many of us started learning about technology by being part of open-source communities, we’ve been lucky to be in a city with regular conferences, events and meetups and those communities have been spaces to learn, develop and connect with a broad group of people.

We believe in giving back, and to contribute to building a community centered around the things that we value. Some of those are:

  1. The space that we’re in (product/technology) moves extremely quickly, and to assume that we have everything figured out would be setting ourselves up for failure.

  2. Bringing new ideas and constantly creating spaces for learning is extremely important

  3. We strongly believe that our workplaces can be more representative of the larger community in which we exist. We’re hoping through these events, to create open spaces for underrepresented groups in tech.

  4. We hope to increase visibility of our value driven culture and highlight our efforts towards building an inclusive company.

  5. We’re always hiring. By building a community, we have access to a direct pool of talent we otherwise wouldn’t.

Women in Tech

For now, we’re starting with women in technology. And we’re starting with small events. We want to help build an ecosystem in India where it becomes the norm to create similar spaces for these communities.

We believe that community can be a great platform for people to share and receive validation for their work. This can play an integral role in helping people know their worth and receive the acknowledgement they deserve.

And finally, we want to ensure persons from underrepresented communities find it easier to access skill building and networking opportunities.

What can you gain from our events?

Several things. But let's start with the basics.

By meeting new people with both diverse and shared experiences, we hope that attendees gain a network of support, assistance and knowledge. Someone from an underrepresented background might meet a mentor who can accelerate their learning. While someone from a more privileged background might learn about the diversity of experiences that people actually experience and maybe they’ll learn how to be a better ally.

And true to our brand, we want to make healthy working cultures the norm. Attendees can experience our work culture in person, and learn more from our playbook.

But that’s not all, since we are also hoping to host more technical workshops, this is a great place for people to learn new hard skills.